In 1998, YASUHARA Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Shin Yasuhara, a former camera engineer at Kyocera (known for YASHICA/CONTAX). Having designed several CONTAX brand SLRs, Mr. Yasuhara embarked on a mission to bring his unique camera concepts to life. Under the YASUHARA brand, two camera models emerged: the T981 (ICHISHIKI) and the T012 (AKIZUKI).

YASUHARA Co., Ltd. rapidly established itself as the most recent addition to the legacy of film camera manufacturers.

L-mount rangefinder camera T981-ICHISHIKI (1999)


Rangefinder compact camera T012-AKIZUKI (2003)


In 2011, the company embarked on a new journey, reviving its original optical products. Notable creations included the NANOHA 5X Super Macro lens, MADOKA E 180 Circle Fisheye lens, MoMo Soft Focus Lens, and the ANTHY35 35mm F1.8 Zero Distortion Wide Angle Lens.

To extend its presence in the North American market, YASUHARA USA was established in Southern California in 2012, dedicated to promoting YASUHARA brand products across North America.